Reverse Postural Hyperkyphosis

Exercises include:

neck retractions

These exercises can be done standing or lying down. In the standing position there are varying postures to increase the difficulty.

pilates ball extension exercises

Lie on your back over a Pilates ball, arms over head and roll back so you stretchout the front of the body.

visual range of motion exercises

These are oculomotor exercises

Oculomotor Exercises:

Cervico-Ocular Training (Smooth pursuit)
The point of this exercise is to focus your gaze on your thumbs while you turn your head in a smooth continuous movement.

  • Stand with arms extended in front of you, elbows bent, thumbs pointed to the ceiling
  • Focus your gaze on the right thumb and maintain throughout the exercise
  • Slowly and continuously move the right thumb in an arc out to the side
  • Pause and then return to start position, maintaining focus on the thumb
  • Repeat 5 times on each side

convergence and divergence exercises

regular posture breaks when focused on a screen