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Täby Kiropraktorklinik: En helhetssyn på hälsa

Tech Neck Correction

  • Posture Break
  • Look up and away from your screen focusing in the distance for 10 seconds , 3 reps. Take this break every hour
  • Reverse Postural Hyperkyphosis
  • Stretch backwards over a pilates ball for 30 seconds. This stretches out the front of the body that has been collapsed forward over your screen.
  • Balance Training
  • Balance on one leg with good posture, pull chin in and hold
  • Visual Training
  • Exercises for your eyes which couple eye movement , neck movement and balance. http://kirotaby.com/rehab-ovningar/neck-stability-exercises/ These are described in detail under oculomotor exercises.
  • Neck retractions
  • This exercise can be done lying down or standing against a wall.
  • Tuck in your chin an press your head back against the surface. Hold this for 10 seconds, 3 reps
  • An advanced version of this exercise is to do this exercise on one leg.