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Our telephone number brings you to our answering service which is available from 8:00 until 17:00 Monday through Friday. You can book a time or ask a question. You can also book a time on the homepage by clicking on the link “Boka Direkt”. Directions how to find us are under “hitta hit”. You can contact us directly through email at sue@kirotaby.se.

Vad är det som gäller vid ombokning av din tid? Ombokning av din tid

On our homepage you can find all kinds of information, not the least of which is about how to deal with acute episodes of neck and back pain as well as exercises for stabilize an injury.

Did you know…

Most of the skeletal dysplasias or defects to the growing skeleton particularly affecting the hip are most common in the northern latitudes and are directly related to D vitamin deficiency? This is true of scoliosis as well!!

In Scandinavia, we are unable to produce D vitamin except for during the 2 peak summer months. Everyone living at this latitude is at a high risk for deficiency. The incidence of osteoporosis is highest in the world in Scandinavia due to the latitude. This is true for men and women. D vitamin is critical for many different functions in the body besides skeletal development (Gnoli, 2023; Topak, 2021). Deficiency is also associated with pain syndromes, depression, melatonin production, depressed immunity, among many other conditions. Check out the page on Näring & Hälsa for more information. You can order your own blood test to check your levels through Werlabs.

Winter is making its’ debut!

For you Icebuggers!!

It is time to dust your icebugs off and use them to avoid slipping or falling!!!

With temperatures creeping under zero, the wet roads and walks are slippery. It is time to take out gear that protects you from falling! By now you should have proper winter tires on your bike to avoid skidding and falling.

It is important to avoid being in a situation where you feel chilled over a period of time. This can provoke an episode of back or neck pain. If you are chilly at work, bring a vest to keep the core warm. Wear an extra sweater at home to avoid feeling cold.

Check out our exercise programs as a warm up before your outdoor activites. Instead of straining your back, you can get stronger with the right exercises. Choose from the drop down menu:

Rehab, particularly Basic Core Träning. There are a variety of other exercises available (besides those in the drop down menu) if you click on Rehab Övningar

Kiropraktisk behandling minskar huvudvärk hos barn

Recent research into chiropractic treatment of school-age children with recurrent headache shows significantly reduced intensity and frequency of headache episodes. Treatment was found to be safe and cost effective and an important alternative treatment for children. En ny studie visar att barn med återkommande huvudvärk har mindre ofta huvudvärk och mindre besvär med kiropraktisk behandling. Slutsatsen var att behandlingen är ofarlig, kost effektivt och en viktig alternativ för behandling av huvudvärk bland barn. (Lynge et al, 2020. Effectiveness of chiropractic manipulation versus sham manipulation for recurrent headaches in children aged 7–14 years – a randomised clinical trial. Chiropractic & Manual Therapies (2021) 29:1. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12998-020-00360-3).

Differentiating headaches in children part II

Kom ihåg att man ta hand om bilen regelbundet, smörj de rörliga delar, server den så den håller länge och ta hand om delar som blir slitna.  Vi ska ta minst lika bra hand om oss själva!! Hör av er om ni behöver en ”check up” eller om ni får besvär som inte går över efter ett par dagar.

Chiropractic care for infants with difficulty breastfeeding A recent article took up chiropractic care for infants, particularly in regard to tongue tie. As a chiropractor specialized in the care of infants and children, I would like to make some comments. First, the practitioner caring for infants is recommended to have further education in the area of pediatrics to ensure safe care for this population. There are only a few chiropractors in Sweden that have this competency. We assess infants and children for different types of mechanical problems which interfere with normal function.  This includes problems with breastfeeding. The infant with a painful condition like torticollis not uncommonly has difficulty breastfeeding as supporting their head may be painful. It is important to examine the infant to better understand the different types interfere with comfortable, efficient breastfeeding among which is tongue tie.  Read more about how you as a parent can help your infant or child when they have been diagnosed with tongue tie. The manual techniques we use are modified for age and development. A research project in the UK included over 2000 mothers. Results were published in 2019 in a peer reviewed journal JMPT: “Maternal Report of Outcomes of Chiropractic Care for Infants”. Statistically significant improvements were reported across all aspects of infant behavior studied, including feeding problems, sleep issues, excessive crying, problems with supine sleep position, infant pain, restricted cervical range of motion, and time performing prone positioning. Maternal ratings of depression, anxiety, and satisfaction with motherhood also demonstrated statistically significant improvement.  The study’s findings indicate that the changes observed by mothers were positive and may be clinically relevant.” Chiropractors with advanced education in this area offer an alternative care addressing the mechanical functioning, which is safe and parents are very satisfied with (Miller-Loncar, 2013).

Gravid och Kiropraktisk behandling

Studier i USA har visat att behandling av gravida minskar sjukskrivningar och att dessa kvinnor är mer aktiv och mår bättre under graviditeten. Behandling för den gravida kvinnan är mjuk och är helt ofarlig för fostret. Den kiropraktiska behandlingen är inte bara för lederna, ligamenten och muskler, det ingår även råd om lämpliga övningar för att stabilisera kroppen, ergonomi på jobbet, näring och kost råd för den blivande mamman. Läs mer under Gravida

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Topak D, Seyithanoğlu M, Doğar F, Karadeniz AA, Tanrıverdi B, Ozan F, Bilal Ö. Are vitamin D and vitamin D receptor levels different in children with developmental dysplasia of the hip? J Orthop Surg Res. 2021 Jan 7;16(1):24. doi: 10.1186/s13018-020-02162-y. PMID: 33413534; PMCID: PMC7791744.

Miller-Loncar C, Bigsby R, High P, Wallach M, Lester B. 2013. Infant colic and feeding difficulties. Arch Dis Child 2004;89:908–912. doi: 10.1136/adc.2003.033233.