Basic CORE training in transport: plane, train or automobile

With fewer pandemic restrictions more people are travelling this summer. Those of you who have strained your back or neck can be challenged by sitting for long periods of time, sleeping in a different bed and/or lifting luggage. You can use the transport phase as a training pass by taking time to activate your core. Ideally you would plan breaks to avoid sitting too long. Think about posture so you are not slouching, loading the spine in a suboptimal postion with the body’s weight. Depending how you are travelling, you can sit, or stand periodically using breathing exercises to activate the core in the low back/abdominals, the shoulder area and the neck. Activate these areas separately first, then combine areas coupling core between the different areas, finally coupling all three areas. If the situation allows it, you can use the arms to engage the different aspects of the CORE muscles. Use the travel leg as a training session. Once in place, you can activate the core while sightseeing, as well as in different situations. If you have planned vacation by the water, you can do exercises standing in the water or lying by the water. Use your imagination to find ways to activate CORE and maintain good posture in different situations

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