Chiropractic addresses mechanical problems which can occur as a result of different situations. In the infant it can be due to a suboptimal position inutero or a traumatic delivery which resulted in injury. These include among other things, torticollis, plagiocephaly, breech or transverse positioning and among others, facial presentation (ansikts bjudning, sätesbjudning). Some infants who have difficulty breastfeeding have mechanical problems which can be addressed with manual therapy. Motor development of the infant is commonly affected when there is a mechanical problem. This affects their ability to find and activate their core strength. This is a critical aspect of development as the infant engages and strengthens the muscles of the neck and the low back. The infant motor steps are reviewed and parents learn to train these important steps at home.

In children problems with headaches, neck pain, low back pain, leg pain, concussion, scoliosis and sprots injuries are problems commonly evaluated and treated. In those children who suffer a fall or other trauma, it is wise to have a check up to avoid problems further along due to compensation. Screen use for children today well exceeds recommended guidelines and not uncommonly results in problems with posture, vision and neck pain. An inportant part of management besides restoring normal function is learning how to engage the core muscles and review “good ergonomics”.