These exercises are for the healthy knee. Training is designed to increase the stability of the knee joint complex to prevent injury. These are not performed when the knee hurts. If an exercise causes pain, stop that exercise and go over it with us to see if you are doing it wrong or if it is not appropriate for you.


—Easy jogging 3-4 minutes with
◦       Side-step right/left
◦       High knees
◦       High kick (heel to butt)
◦       Indian hop
◦       Jumping jack

Side step Side-step Side-step left
High-knees High heel kick Indian hop
Indian hop Jumping jack Easy jogging



Single Knee Bend

—Begin with 30 degree knee flexion, perform the exercise slowly maintaining stability in the core (do not wobble), increase the difficulty by increasing knee flexion
◦       Progress to a maximum knee flexion of 90 degrees
◦       10 reps per leg

—Alternate between
◦       Hands on hips
◦       Hands over head

Single knee bend Single knee bend Single knee bend alt hands


Knee Bend

—Stand with feet under hips
—Bend at the hips like sitting in a chair, arms are stretched out, knees over feet
—Alternate between
—Arms over head, knees over feet (like a curtsy)
—Repeat 10 times

Knee bend Knee bend Alt knee bend


Modified Lunge

—Lift one knee high, go up on toes of supporting leg
—Land softly and hold a few seconds
—10 repetitions per leg

— Alternate between having
◦       Hands on hips
◦       Hands over head

Modified lunge Modified lunge Lunge landing
Alt modified lunge Alt lunge landing Alt lunge landing


Bird Dog

—Stand on all fours
—Stretch out right arm and left leg maintaining a straight body, hold a few seconds
—Do the exercise with “core” control avoiding swaying with the body, particularly when you shift your body weight
—Repeat on opposite side

—10 repetitions per side

Bird dog Bird dog


The Plank

—Stand on hands and toes with a straight body, tighten the “core”
—For younger children, stand on hands and knees maintaining a straight body
Hold for 10 seconds

—Alternate walking slowly with control to the right, to the left and then back to the middle. Rest on the stomach and repeat 3 times
—Vary step length

Plank Plank Plank walk


Pelvic Lift with Extended Leg

—Lie on back with bent knees, arms at sides
—Stabilize trunk, lift pelvis to shoulder standing, —concentrate on tightening the ”core” so you don’t wobble at all
—Hold 10 seconds

—Alternate by:
—Straightening knee, hold 5 seconds, —return to start position, rest a few seconds
—Repeat with other leg, hold 5 seconds
Increase difficulty by alternating arm positions
Repeat 5 times

Pelvic lift Pelvic lift extended leg Pelvic lift alt arms


Hop, Landing, Skate-Hop

—Stand on one leg, hands on hips
—Hop forward and land on opposite leg, freeze for a few seconds,
—Landing should be controlled, hop to the other leg and continue
—Repeat 5 times

—Alternate with hopping diagonally forward, land controlled, freeze a few seconds

Hop Freeze Land and hold
Skate-hop Skate-hop landing